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Trommel Fines are not a problem

Over the past 30 years everyone in the waste and recycling sector worldwide at some point discusses the ‘problem of trommel fines’. In every different country worldwide that MacMachinery has installed recycling equipment, one can list this topic as one of the first to be discussed.  In truth Trommel fines are not a problem. You may say why, that cannot be you are talking out the other side of your body for sure. There are so many variables and factors that can lead to trommel fines not being accepted at your local landfill or inert depot.

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Does a fully operational automatic waste system exist for a mixed waste stream?

We hear about automation all the time when we talk about recycling plant, waste treatment and recycling systems, Does the fully automatic system exist and does it really work?

In 2014 Stadler GmbH installed the first fully automatic system to process MSW (municipal solid waste) with organic waste collected in the same bin. The fully automated waste sorting plant we discuss is in Norway, in a country where only 1% of household waste goes to landfill.

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Do we use a mobile Trommel screen or a static Trommel screen?

In general what type of trommel screen one chooses can be decided naturally for the operator, as maybe there is not enough electricity power on the site, or the machine has to be moved around a few times. It is a question owners ask all the time and debate over and over until being directed in one way or the other. One expects that a stationary trommel will have electric power, but some manufacturers such as Kentek Systems produce a semi mobile trommel screen with a diesel engine.

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