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Does a fully operational automatic waste system exist for a mixed waste stream?

We hear about automation all the time when we talk about recycling plant, waste treatment and recycling systems, Does the fully automatic system exist and does it really work?

In 2014 Stadler GmbH installed the first fully automatic system to process MSW (municipal solid waste) with organic waste collected in the same bin. The fully automated waste sorting plant we discuss is in Norway, in a country where only 1% of household waste goes to landfill.

The great ability of this plant, is that early in the recycling system process, the green bags containing organic waste are separated from the carrier bags and are diverted to the anaerobic digestion plant. All the remaining materials are mainly taken out for recycling and the impure products are used for production of RDF. “One of the major advantages to the plant’s automation is the fact that it only requires two operating staff to load the waste and remove the baled materials – there is no manual sorting. The rest of the operation is monitored and controlled by closed-circuit television”. The plant is operated by ROAF in Norway and its main objective was to reduce operating costs and build a plant taking into account the demands for the future. Fully automatic recycling plants to exist and do work if they are designed to be flexible and in some way designed for future growth and changes.