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Compost Production

INPUT: organic substances

OUTPUT: compost

Composting is a procedure of aerobic decomposition of organic substances (green waste, garbage and kitchen waste) by mico-organisms. The final product of this process is compost. Compost can be produced by open windrow or tunnel composting.

Controllable process parameters are for instance the composition of the input material, part of structural material, the material mixture, the oxygen supply, water management (humidity of the windrow), the decomposition temperature and the period of decomposition. Since a lack of oxygen can lead to anaerobic conditions (putrefaction) and odour nuisance, the aeration (quantity of structural material and regular turning procedures) must always be sufficient.

PLANT EXAMPLE (mobile, open windrow)

Input material: organic substances
Throughput: > 10 t/h
Output: compost
Utilisation output: recycling

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In order to carry out a first pre-sorting for elimination of large contaminants such as metal and rocks, the input material can be put into the Shredder by means of a wheel loader or an excavator. The shredder can be equipped with basket/screen which ensures a consistent shredding. After the shredding, iron parts are separated by means of an overband magnet.

After teh shredding process the material can be wind rowed or else into tunnels for composting. The windrow which has been formed in this way is turned according to the composting process in certain intervals with the help of the windrow turner thus ensuring an optimum aeration and homogenisation of the material.

After the composting process is completed, the ready compost is screened by the screen and the oversize is returned to the decomposition process again.