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There are two different processing methods for this:
1) Recovery of recyclable materials
2) Recovery of refuse-derived fuels

In this plant, mixed industrial waste is sorted according to recyclable materials with a high degree of automation. Valuable substance fractions: FE, NE, PE, PET, PP, films, paper, cardboard, wood, minerals and refuse-derived fuels.

Plant description
Industrial waste usually contains a very high proportion of recyclable materials such as PE, PP, PET, wood, paper, films, NE and FE, which are separated by mechanical sorting. Polymers, paper or films are subsequently inspected at manual sorting stations for quality optimisation. It is therefore possible to easily market the individual fractions. From the remaining residue, refuse-drives fuels are positively extracted from the material flow via near infra-red technology to be marketed separately.

The design of this plant enables the plant operator to react quickly and flexibly to possible changes in the market. It is capable at all times of processing other input materials, such as lightweight packaging materials or mixed building site waste. The quantity of refuse-derived fuel production can be adapted to the requirements of the operator at all times. The plastic fractions produced by means of near infra-red equipment can be varied.

From an economic point of view and from the point of view of how recyclable the products are, we currently recommend an industrial waste sorting plant which recovers recyclable products as the first priority and RDF as the second priority.

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