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X-Air 2200 Windsifter
Single Lane or Double Lane Available
Single Fan or Double Fan
Return Air System
Adjustable Drum Speed
Adjustable Air Speed
Rotating Drum with Horizontal and Vertical Movement

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  • Kentek Systems

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Materials are separated by the feed belt, the air knife and the windsifter separation drum.
The material is fed on a mono layer either by belt feeder or Vibrating splitting feeder
The air knife is attached in the windsifter underneath the feeding belt.

The input material enters into the windsifter and meets the air flow and is separated into light and heavy materials.

The light materials are transported with an air flow with high speed into the settling chamber.The heavy materials fall down before the rotation drum in the windsifter into a container or onto a discharge belt. The air is then brought back around to the infeed of the fan.