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Doppstadt Product Listings

Doppstadt Shredders

Doppstadt was established in 1965 by Werner Doppstadt when he founded an agricultural company at Velbert, which today is a worldwide leading partner in the field of environmental technology.

On the Calbe premises with a 12 hectare surface, stationary and mobile machines for waste management, public services and material handling technology are developed, manufactured and sold.

Competent, highly motivated employees plan, realize and produce recycling machines and plants – mobile and stationary – for processing various materials such as waste wood, garbage, industrial waste, biowaste, excavated earth and green waste.

Doppstadt supplies all types of recycling machines for handling and processing wood waste, green waste, MSW, household waste, C&D waste and skip waste. It also provides machinery for the production of compost, wood chip, biomass etc, along with auxiliary separation and treatment equipment. Doppstadt have been Europe’s No.1 supplier of recycling equipment for the past number of years. Doppstadt have clients in 40 countries and they make an important contribution to the protection of the environment and to the preservation of resources.

Stationary Mobile
AK/N2 Series - Shredder
DW Series – Fine Shredder
SM Series – Trommel Screens
SST – Trommel Sceens
DM - Mixer
DSP – Screw Extruder/Press
AK Series - Shredder High Speed
DH Series - Precision Chippers
DM Series - Mixer
DSP Series - Screw Extruder
DU Windrow Turner
DW Series - Slow Speed/High Torque
DZ Shredder
SM Series - Trommel Screens